We know that it is important to you how your donation is used, and Due to the high demand to have donated furniture go directly to families in crisis on a “move-in” (which we appreciate ), the rate of requests for our volunteer run pickup service has increased. In order to increase frequency of pick ups, we request a donation of $20 via PayPal to defer the cost of gas and truck rental.

In an effort to provide a dignified experience for our clients from initial design appointment through final reveal, we will NOT accept ANY items that are ripped, stained or have a foul odor. We will not make any exceptions. Before making contact to donate, ask yourself if the item you are planning on donating is something that you would want in your own home.

Our crew is not able to go into your home to get donated items. All items must be in an easily accessible location at the agreed-upon pick up location. All furniture items must be located on the first floor, ground level, in a garage or on a loading dock.

In order to make the most of the available space in our storage unit, they will only be picking up the items that were confirmed through our furniture coordinator via online/phone.

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